"It is by taking good care of your breath, of your body, of your feelings, that you can build a good community."

-Thich Nhat Hanh



Nurture yourself  all week long by practicing with friends on the path 



Soak in the energy of joy and concentration by practicing  in community day and night



Dive deep into meditation, and support your practice with structure on and off the cushion



Cultivate a life of practice and offer the fruits of the path for a more joyful and mindful world

What's Ripening

Practice in Place

Check this page for fun, innovative, and practical ways for bringing mindfulness and joy into this time of social distancing. These talks, meditations, games, and activities are offered to prime the pump for our upcoming Homeward Bound online retreat.

Fri, May 22
Online Retreat
Homeward Bound
An online retreat for practicing in place
Sun, May 31
Online Event
A Day of Mindfulness
Sugarplum Sangha invites the local and extended community for a day to dwell deeply in the present moment. Days of Mindfulness are opportunities to linger with the peace and freedom of nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Sugarplum Sangha