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The Sugarplum Sangha envisions a world where all beings are valued and honored. In loving, affirming community, we strive to hold the joy and suffering of ourselves and others, and to tend the human needs for meaningful work, play, rest, communion, and understanding.

Upcoming Events

  • 90 Day Online Retreat
    Membership Offer
    Fri, Sep 16
    Online via Zoom
    Sep 16, 7:00 PM – Dec 18, 7:00 PM
    Online via Zoom
    The three month rains retreat is a tradition that goes back to the beginnings of Buddhism. It is a time for rest and reflection and practice of the mindfulness trainings with the support of community. 50% for Members If the ticket price is a barrier, email
  • Right Action: Karma and the Five Mindfulness Trainings
    Membership Offer
    Tue, Sep 27
    Online via zoom
    Sep 27, 6:30 PM PDT – Dec 20, 8:30 PM PST
    Online via zoom
    A twelve week live and on-line course exploring and integrating early Buddhist teachings with Plum Village practices. 50% of for members. Email for a scholarship if the ticket price is a barrier.

Sangha Everyday

We offer live online meditations practices every day of the week for members and twice a week for the public. Join us and deepen your mindfulness, concentration, and insight with the support of sangha.


Connecting with Thay:

interpreted dharma talks

My Tong interprets into English teachings given by Thay in Vietnamese. This offers us the chance to steep in the depth of insight Thay shares with his closest disciples in his mother language. Join us for a live session or watch a recorded one.

Sutra Study

courses in buddhism and mindfulness

Courses offered by Keeping the Dharma include lectures with notes, guided meditations, suggested practices for daily life, and recommended readings on topics inspired by the Buddha's teachings. Follow along for a thorough unpacking of the dharma and integrate its lessons into your practice.


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Entering The Stream

Becoming a member contributes to a reliable and consistent source of revenue to pay our technology costs, compensate our staff, and invest in new content. In gratitude to our members, we offer exlusive daily live meditation practices, recorded guided meditations, and discounts on courses and retreats. 

Our 10% Pledge

Sugarplum Sangha is a service provided by Keeping The Dharma which has taken the Giving What We Can 10% Pledge. Every three months, Sugarplum members vote to donate 10% of the quarter's revenue to one of a number of the most effective charities.

Making A One Time Gift

If you're not a member, but want to support our free and public offerings or contribute to providing a means of Right Livelihood to our staff, you can make a gift at any time on our giving page

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