"It is by taking good care of your breath, of your body, of your feelings, that you can build a good community."

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Online Public


Nourish your practice throughout the week with mindfulness and intention in community



Deepen your practice by offering your presence to community with live practice and meditation courses

Personal Retreat-Extended Practice

Transform your practice with an extended stay with community, supported by guidance in meditation, service, and play.

What's Ripening

Upcoming Events

After the 90-day rain retreat together, we have created a wonderful practice container where many friends in the sangha can offer their talents and energy. Here are some new changes in the schedule:

Public schedule:

Monday morning 7-8am for setting intentions

Wednesday night 8-9pm beginner practices & sharing

Friday morning 7-8am for checking in & reflecting on our intentions

Saturday morning 7-8:30am live interpreted dharma talk of Thich Nhat Hanh

Sunday afternoon 4-6pm sitting meditation, walking meditation, reading/talk & sharing

2nd Saturday of the month 7-9pm ceremony to recite the 5 Mindfulness trainings and discussion afterwards

last Sunday of the month 9am-4pm Day of Mindfulness

Membership schedule: 

Tuesday-Thursday morning 7-8am meditation, chanting, sutra/readings, creative offerings

Monday-Friday night 8-9pm meditation, touching the earth, creative offerings

Wednesday night 7-8pm for deepening practices, chanting & facilitation trainings

Last Friday of the month 7-8pm Be-In, show and tell, fun time together

t-time and consultation with Joann

You're welcomed to practice with our membership schedule for a few weeks or months to see the different flavors of the sangha and get to know the community better before subscribing to be a supporting member. 

Membership also gives access to all our retreat recordings, guided meditations, songs, sutra study course... and help support the sangha in creating a warm welcoming community together with rich offerings and also concretely help us to afford the cost of maintaining the website, Zoom, newsletter, staffing or onsite projects to beautify and make Mariposa available for other friends to attend in-person retreats here when we are able to open again. 

Dharma teacher Karen Hillsberg shared about how the Venerable Thich Phuoc Tinh helped her family navigate the passing of her husband. The Venerable also gave many series of dharma talks on the Ten Oxherding paintings, the 42 chapter sutra, and Be like a Zen tree which Karen helped to edit and publish into English. The books are available at:

The Ten Oxherding Sutra 

The Forty-two chapters sutra - Core teachings of the Buddha - Zen talks by Venerable Thich Phuoc Tinh

 Be like a tree - Zen talks by Venerable Thich Phuoc Tinh