-We're planting seeds for new communities. It's time to Wake Up.-

On New Year’s Eve of 2016 a sangha of young mindfulness practitioners gathered at The Mariposa Institute for their first of what would become a monthly retreat. On that auspicious evening, we enjoyed a tea ceremony to celebrate our togetherness and welcome the new year with aspiration and intention. Among the delicious snacks and beverages were sugarplums. That is how we got our name, The Sugarplum Sangha.


The Mariposa Institute in Ukiah, CA is our home away from home. Once a month, we come together as a sangha to practice sitting, walking, eating, working, playing, and deep listening and loving speech. In between retreats, practitioners and spiritual explorers are welcome to join the Sangha in residence for their daily practice and for fun activities like experiencing the beautiful Mendocino coast, mushroom foraging, gardening and contra dancing. We are also prone to spontaneous singalongs! There are currently four Sugarplummers living at Mariposa from part to full time, and we are eager to grow our numbers. 


The Sugarplum Sangha envisions a community that anchors the life of its individuals and the collective in mindfulness. By sharing a daily schedule of meditation, work, service, and play, we have more time and energy for training in the community building practices transmitted by the Plum Village Sangha, while co-existing harmoniously with nature. We see ourselves as a model for what society could be like when it strives toward joy, kindness, compassion, and peace,


We are initiating a resident practitioner program at the Mariposa Institute in Ukiah, California. Residents will cultivate the art of mindful living by following a daily meditation practice and train in Sangha building by  facilitating retreats in the tradition of Plum Village, hosting guest communities at Mariposa for their own retreats, and offering personal retreats for individuals. As the program expands, residents can take refuge in the community by receiving some income assistance so that outside pressures can be let go.