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Peace In Oneself
Peace In The World

Our mission is to develop a community that roots the life of its individuals and the collective in mindfulness and cultivates meaningful friendships with ourselves, each other, and the earth.  By regularly gathering online and in person for meditation, work, service, study, and play, we engage in community building and self-awareness practices as taught by the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism while embracing wisdom from a diversity of traditions. With the Five Mindfulness Trainings as our guide, we aspire to embody joy, kindness, compassion, and peace as an offering to society.

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Our Core Commitments

We are ready to share the gifts of material resources, the Dharma, and non-fear with our community of practice without discrimination. We contribute to the sangha with donations of money or talent, sharing our practice and insight, and behaving so that no one is in fear of harm, judgment, or exclusion.

We take to heart the truth of suffering and know that all people bring with them experiences of trauma and unwholesome habit energies. Each of us is practicing to transform our own suffering, so we offer patience and deep listening to everyone while offering support in skilfull and appropriate ways.

We delight in and celebrate the growth, achivement, and success of our friends on the path, while always reminding each other of the wonders and conditions for happiness in the present moment. We sing songs, play games, and tell stories, while grounded in the peace and silence of the island of self.

We look deeply into the Dharma Seals of impermanence, non-self, and suffering, and we understand that harmony is not a given but must be cultivated. We expect difficulties to arise and are committed to engaging them with non-attachment to views and open to the perspective of everyone.

Metta (Kindness)
Karuna (Compassion)
Mudita (Rejoicing)
Upekkha (Equanimity)


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