Sugarplum Sangha

Collective Awakening

A Community of Mindful Living Retreat

May 22 - 25

The Mariposa Institute

sliding scale $ - $

In his discourse, The City, The Buddha invites his listeners to imagine someone walking through a forest who happens upon an ancient path traveled upon by people in the past. That person would follow the path and arrive at an ancient city that had once been populated with "parks, groves, ponds, and ramparts". The ruins hint at the former existence of a delightful place and thriving civilization. The wanderer would then go to the king or a royal minister, relate the discovery and then exhort him to "rebuild that city!"

The Buddha goes on to explain that in the parable the path traversed by the wanderer is the Noble Eightfold Pathand the wanderer is himself. It is enlivening to realize that what the Buddha says is to be discovered at the end of the path is not an aloof existence of individual enlightenment but a bustling and humming society grounded in a culture of awakening. To rebuild this ancient city will call all of us, monastics and lay people, artists and accountants, families, and students, and everyone outside and between to traverse the path together. 

The Community of Mindful Living is a network of Northern California Sanghas that has been treading the path together for several decades, coming together annually over Memorial weekend at the Mariposa Institute to practice and embody living in such a "city" as the Buddha describes. Fully integrating families into the retreat thanks to the children's program offered, we have the opportunity to experience what a true culture of awakening might be like and to glimpse how mindfulness might fertilize the ground from which a new civilization can sprout. 


The Sugarplum Sangha is happy to partner with the Community of Mindful Living for this retreat and is committed to making it accessible for people of all financial backgrounds. We and do not turn anyone away for lack of funds.The costs we need to cover for this retreat are for lodging, food, and dana for our teachers. We suggest contributions on a sliding scale from $ - $. Extra financial donations (dana, meaning the practice of generosity) support the residential practice at Mariposa and provide financial assistance for retreats. Dana is vital to making our activities available. Sugarplum Sangha is a project of the Mariposa Institute, which is a non-profit organization. Please consider your financial situation and contribute the most generous amount within your means, remembering that the greatest gift you give is your presence and your practice.


See our Visiting page for information about what to bring, meals, and practicing with trauma on retreat.

Email with any questions.

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