Day Longs

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Weekly on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Sundays

 4pm - 6pm

The Sugarplum Sangha offers an evening to come together with mindfulness concentration and insight. The evening is guided by experienced practitioners in the Plum Village tradition for new and long time meditators alike. 

Practices generally include sitting meditation, walking, meditation, chanting and singing, sutra reading, and deep listening and loving speech.

Suggested donation of $5 to help cover the costs of facilities rentals.

Monthly on the 4th Sunday

 9am - 4pm

The Sugarplum Sangha invites the local and extended community for a day to dwell deeply in the present moment. Days of Mindfulness are opportunities to linger with the peace and freedom of having nothing to do and nowhere to go. 

Sunday, 10/27

Sunday, 11/24

Sunday, 1/26

Sunday 2/23

Suggested donation of $15 to help cover the cost of facility rental and feel free to bring a dish to share in the meal.

Monthly, after Evening Sangha

Spend a relaxed and joyful evening at the Mariposa Insititute with the Sugarplum Sangha for mindful eating, music, tea, ceremony and games. Its a wonderful time for cultivating gratitude and building community.

Bring a dish to share in the meal and musical instruments, poems, and stories to share in the merry making!

Sugarplum Sangha