Tree of Life

Pt. 1

Roots:  Your inheritance, Land, Blood and Spiritual ancestors

Trunk:  Where you find. your support both internal and external

Branches:  the ways you reach into the world, both inner world and outer world

Leaves:  Where/How you find energy

Fruit:  Qualities, experiences, actions, impact on others

Fallen Fruit:  regrets, hurts, disappointments, griefs, rotting or composting, including seeds of future growth

Pt. 2

Remember this is a practice.  Be gentle with yourself, compassionate, accepting, joyful.  Savor the steps along the way.


Pt. 3
When you feel mostly complete, then there can be time, if you are open to other perspectives, to ask trusted individuals to help you get a broader view on your tree, to shine extra light on your tree to see more clearly and fully, this phenomenon you call "I".   Add this to your tree in any ways that feels right to you.