Financial contributions


Sugarplum Sangha maintains funds to support the different dharma offerings, admin work, and retreat scholarships thanks to donations. Click an option below to donate and add the name of the fund you wish to donate to in the optional note.

Resident Practitioner Fund

Living in community is a major departure from the individualistic lifestyle society imposes. As residents, we have the opportunity to live simply, sharing our time, energy, and material resources so that we can put into practice the teachings of joy, kindness, compassion, and peace.

The Resident Practitioner Fund provides some income assistance to help residents pay for rent, groceries, and travel. In this way, we hope to make residency an opportunity available to people within the whole spectrum of economic means.

Facilities Improvement Fund

The Sugarplum Sangha works in partnership with the Mariposa Institute as caregivers of the facilities and stewards of the land. It is the mission of both organizations to provide clean, comfortable facilities for education, nature connection, and community building in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Current projects include:

  • Trailer Renovation

  • Dome Rebuild

  • Permaculture garden

  • Gray Water system

  • Solar panels

  • Trail maintenence

  • Forestry Management

Retreat Scholarship


The Sugarplum Sangha is committed to maintaining a low cost of retreats to make retreat participation more accessible. We rely on support from the community to help provide scholarships and to fund the continuing development of Mariposa as a home for our community.


If you've received some benefit from retreating  with the Sugarplum Sangha and the practice we share with visitors,  a financial gift to this fund can help those who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to find refuge in community