Interpreted dharma talks happen on Saturday mornings from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM PST. Please click on the public Zoom link to join. Passcode: friendship.

Recorded talks will be edited and uploaded to Sugarplum sangha YouTube channel regularly.

Mỹ Tống will provide live interpretation of Thầy's dharma talks on followed by dharma discussion, which can be very nourishing and beneficial.

Currently we are focused on the Heart of the Buddha's Teaching series in addition to videos on the history of the traditions and appropriate topics of what's alive in the sangha. 

Listening to a dharma talk is a pleasant practice. These talks water the seeds of understanding and love in our heart and grow our ability to accept, forgive and let go, so we can feel our body and mind lighter and at ease and we can know how to act in a way that can transform the state of our body and mind as well as the situation.Listening to dharma talks regularly like this, your wellspring of Buddhism will be significantly enriched and you can contribute concretely and practically to dharma discussion.
There are courses that last 3 months or 9 months and you can follow along all these talks till the end, from one course to another. In three years, your knowledge of Buddhism as well as your practice capability will improve greatly. We suggest the courses in the Heart of the Buddha’s teaching, Daily training blossom a thousand petal lotus (covering each sutra in the PV chanting book), Samiddhi sutra, The Living Tradition of Meditation Practice, the Dharma Theses of Plum Village, and the Path of the Buddha, key Nikaya sutras in the Southern transmission and Mahayana sutras from the Northern transmission.