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In gratitude to our supporting members, Sugarplum Sangha offers exclusive live meditation practices throughout the week. Click the subscribe button if you're not a supporting member yet, and want to nourish your practice by immersing in sangha and enjoying additional recorded guided meditations and online retreats. To join the public practices, see the morning practice schedule and join page below.

Live Members' Practices
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Live Practices usually include chanting, silent meditation, a reading or video related to dharma, and a practice of deep listening and loving speech. Practice sessions are facilitated by Sugarplum Sangha members experienced in the Plum Village Tradition of Engaged Buddhism.

Monday, Friday and Saturday

Monday, Friday, and Saturday mornings are public practice times. See the public practice page for details.


7am - 8am PST


7am - 8am PST


7am - 9am PST


8am - 9am PST