Sugarplum Sangha

The Sugarplum Sangha is much more than a retreat destination. We are a community of spiritual friends that help each other on our paths and journeys towards peace, freedom, and healing in ourselves and in the world. Sangha building is our core practice, and as cells in the sangha body, we each have unique gifts to contribute for the well-being of the community. Those of us who yearn to be rooted in spiritual community are called to show up, participate in gatherings, and share our resources.

As a community, we wish to support our members who have made deepening their practice by visiting Mariposa for retreats and sangha building a regular part of their lives and our residents who give their time, energy, and income to developing and sustaining Mariposa as a spiritual home for all to enjoy. Supporting members help us to provide plentiful offerings while keeping costs low. In gratitude to our supporting members, who make monthly donations, we offer online courses in meditation and two nights of retreat per month to deepen their practices.

Dwelling in the refuge of sangha