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Giving What We Can

Sugarplum Sangha has joined the Effective Altruism movement and pledged to give 10% of our quarterly revenue to the most effective charities. 

Effective Altruism (EA) is an evidence based approach to charitable giving. It corrects for the tendency to go for what's most personal or accessible when choosing what to fund or work on, evaluates the work that charities do, and focuses on problems that are important, neglected, and tractable. 

In taking the pledge, Sugarplum wants to do more than give to charity. We also want to inform our members about the most pressing causes and most effective responses, and participate in the giving. Every three months, members vote and a charity to give 10% of our quarterly revenue to.

The Giving What We Can Pledge

"I recognize that I can use a part of my income to do a significant amount of good. Since I can live well enough on a smaller income, I pledge that from now until the day that I retire I pledge that I shall give 10% of what I earn to whichever organizations can most effectively use it to improve the lives of others, now and in the years to come. I make this pledge freely, openly, and sincerely."

The only international Buddhist animal rights organization in the world. The majority of their work takes place in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and the U.S., but they also work in Germany, Brazil, Finland, Myanmar, and Australia. DVA’s programs align with specific contexts and priorities in the countries where they work. Many of their programs focus on diet change, however, they also lobby for animal welfare legislation, provide veterinary care, and work with restaurant owners to encourage them to transition their businesses to veganism.

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Offering a monetarily small, yet significant, incentive – which covers the cost of transportation to a clinic plus food – has been proven through a randomized evaluation to provide enough of a “nudge” to double the percentage of infants who get fully vaccinated, with life-saving benefits. This model – New Incentives’ All Babies program – was developed based on evidence from successful immunization programs from around the world and was independently and rigorously evaluated in Nigeria before we began scaling it up. 


Established in 2003, Malaria Consortium is one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations specialising in the prevention, control and treatment of malaria and other communicable diseases among vulnerable populations. Our mission is to save lives and improve health in Africa and Asia, through evidence-based programmes that combat targeted diseases and promote universal health coverage. Malaria Consortium’s Head Office is based in London, UK.  

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Members: Look for future newsletters to vote for which of the above organizations will receive our quarterly donation. Voting starts Sept 1 and ends Nov 1.