Practice in Place

We decided to make the most of this moment by creating and experimenting with fun and quirky ways to bring our practice alive right now. We may have to practice in place, but we can still practice outside the box. Laugh and dance with us by checking this page for dharma talks, songs, games, and videos on new ways to bring the practice truly home.

Your Task Right Now is to Live Fully

In this Dharma Talk, Jonathan shares that, even while practicing social distancing, we can still fulfill our highest purpose which is to understand suffering, let go of reactivity, experience the quenching of reactivity, and cultivate a life of mindfulness, concentration, and insight.

Loving Kindness in the Body

In this time of social distancing, we may find our hearts going out to folks we love but can't see or spend time with. Also, as the days go on, we may find ourselves disconnecting from our own presence and losing touch with the body. Thay teaches us that if we can come back home to our body, standing balanced and straight, we can find the whole universe there - including our loved ones. 

With the help of a carefully balanced book, some stairs, and memories of very sweet moments with friends, Jonathan shares a fun way for bringing this practice alive.

Lovin' da onion

Every day moments give us the opportunity to come back to the body, calm, and heal. Delighting in the crunch sensations as a knife cuts through each layer of an onion,  cooking comes alive.

Dish Washing Meditation

Our life is made of small moments. Reading the news. Opening doors. Washing dishes. If we can live with mindfulness, each of these moments is a door that opens into wonders. As one moment follows the next, our whole life can be one of joy and peace. In this video, Jo-ann shares her practice of dish washing meditation - gratitude for warm water, the delight of feeling the sound of soapy bubbles vanishing. Enjoy Jo-ann's sharing and download the gatha card and put it by your sink to deepen your own practice of dish washing meditation.

Drink Your Cloud

When's the last time to took 20 minutes to just drink a cup of tea. No reading. No scrolling. No talking. Just savoring the fragrance, flavor, and peace of the present moment. Practicing meditation with tea can be a door into a life filled with mindfulness and joy.


Sweep your mind

Jo-ann shows us another way to bring mindfulness home, transform a chore into an enjoyable trip down memory lane and cultivating relaxation and satisfaction. Like sweeping dust from the floor, mindfulness can clear our minds and let its brightness shine. Learn how to practice meditation in your own daily life and transform your home into a meditation hall at our upcoming online retreat, Homeward Bound.

Gatha poems as reminders


Contemplative Buddhist Plainsong Service

Beginning Anew Bingo

Fun and creative game for nourishing your relationships with shared joy, understanding, and freshness