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Sangha Building

Sugarplum members are sangha builders, actively participating in an intentional and reciprocal relationship with the community. Sugarplum Sangha is sustained by the love, creativity, and generosity of its members - manifested in meaningful investments of time, energy, and resources. We are a community of people practicing to live in the present, transform our own suffering, and help awaken others.

Live Practices on Zoom


Sitting Meditation

Dharma Sharing

Monday - Friday, 7am - 8am PST

Sun, 8am - 9am PST

M, W, Th, 8pm - 9pm PST


Recorded Practices

Guided Meditations

Deep Relaxation

Sutra Service

Guided meditations covering the Four Foundations of Mindfulness to help nurture consistency in your practice and develop mindfulness, concentration, and insight.

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Dharma Course

The Four Establishments of Mindfulness

This course contains several hours of lectures, guided meditations, and suggested practices to explore the suttas in which the Buddha most completey expounds his method of meditation.


Recorded Practices

Dharma Sharings

Interpreted Dharma Talks

Dharma talks given by Thay from all across is teaching career translated artfully from the Vietnamese into English by My Tong. Thay's teachings in his mother tongue offer a rich and fresh look at the Dharma for westerners.


Not a member yet? 

Dana or generosity is a key element on the path to freedom and enables the Sangha to share teachings. For a small monthly contribution, you can support your practice everyday of the week with the above offerings. If for any reason you can't afford a subscription, email and we will enroll you for free.