Sugarplum Sangha

Five Animal Qi Gong

May 10 - 12

at the Mariposa Institute

sliding scale: $195 - $225

This unique opportunity offers an internal understanding of Qi that explores the magic of Hua Tao’s Five Animal Qi Gong. Masterfully led by Grandmaster Dr Alex Feng, a renown Taoist healer, this teaching enables the participant to discover your energy’s core center with  an experiential connection to the philosophical and arcane mysticism of Qi Gong/ Dao Yin.


Dr. Feng will instruct on the key components:  energetic modalities and the recognition, absorption and expression of Qi. The teachings begin with a foundation of qi Gong practice - the transportation and transformation of Qi.  Participants will then build on the foundation with learning the complete  Five Animal Medical Qi Gong set. The Mariposa Institute is an ideal setting for understanding the Importance of being in nature and able to place all your focus and energy on learning this life and health affirming practice. Prepare to be stimulated and rejuvenated with a practice you can take home.

The famous Chinese physician Hua Tuo created the “Five Animal Form” in the second century A.D. The form mimics the movements of the tiger, bear, deer, monkey, and bird to facilitate the cultivation of Qi and spirit by the practitioners.

The “Five Animal Play” focuses on the training of internal Qi. It combines the soft and hard interpretation of movements with the focus of guiding Qi flow in the body. As an internal form, there are also martial art implications. The five animal forms incorporate many fluid and beautiful active movements; therefore, it is often referred to as the practice of the dance of the five animals.

Animal Qi Gong is the oldest form of Qi Gong. “Bear moving” and “Bird stretching” are clearly documented as regular exercises for Chinese people who lived 2300 years ago. Five Animal Play Qi Gong belongs to the unique category of Medical Qi Gong designed by Hua Tuo, a medical practitioner in the second century A.D.

Dr. Alex Feng, a lineage holder of the Zhi Dao tradition, is one of the few masters who can tap into the secrets that are revealed through this magical, rare animal form. An accomplished Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Feng has developed an approach to teaching Qi Gong that enables the practitioner to understand the inner workings of the medical principles and the Daoist alchemy at play with this unique form of Qi Gong exercise and meditation.

Dr. Feng collaborated with the eminent Professor Wang Pei Kun and Professor Zeng of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Culture to authenticate this rigorous and comprehensive Five Animal Play Qi Gong curriculum. This series of classes integrate physical movement, medical, spiritual and shamanic aspects of a holistic healing process. The student will learn to be in touch with the energetic vibrational, spiritual and shamanic expressions of Kundalini.